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Founder, CEO, Fearless Leader, Chief Inspiration Officer, and Head Dog Wrangler

Some people like to avoid change and play it safe … and then there’s Katie Wallace. Katie thrives on change in a way that very few people do, which makes her uniquely suited to helping clients explore unseen possibilities and discover new ways of thinking about their business (and new levels of success as well). When others are treading water, she’s diving right in to uncover what’s beneath the surface.

Since 1990, Katie has been leading and inspiring Wallace360 with insight, skill, honesty, passion, and boundless energy. Her never-ending passion for community development has led her to be heavily involved in arts and cultural organizations, local economic development, and environmental education initiatives.


Mimi Eanes

Senior Design Specialist, Illustrator, Multimedia Explorer and Creator

Some people’s personalities are just so unique and wonderful that they’ve earned the right to go by one name. Like Prince. Or Madonna — Or Mimi.

While she does in fact have a last name, we think she has ascended to one-name celebrity status through her soulful design, gentle spirit, and quiet devotion to her craft. She’s a wide open creator at heart who balances a graphic designer’s tech savvy with a fine artist’s skill and sensibility in her work, often weaving together diverse media, playful patterns, color psychology, hand-drawn elements, and a typographic flair that’s all her own.

Kym Davis Ricketts

Production Manager, Ad Industry Veteran, Creative Problem Solver, Powerhouse

What do you get when you combine the creative chops of an award-winning art director, the attention to detail of an obsessive organizer, and the high energy of a lifelong overachiever? We’re not exactly sure, but they would be a force of nature. And they would probably look a lot like Wallace360’s one-of-a-kind Production Manager Kym Davis Ricketts.

Kym brings to her work a relentlessly positive, can-do attitude and a smile that comes through loud and clear even over the phone. She loves solving puzzles and figuring out how things work, and there’s no challenge that she won’t attack head-on with everything she’s got.


Sheri Minnix

Operations Specialist, Chief Inquisitor, Superwoman Extraordinaire

While Sheri’s title is technically “Operations Specialist,” we like to think of her as Wallace360’s own dedicated, top-secret, highly trained special ops tactical force and one-woman reconnaissance team. She’s definitely our secret weapon.

Sheri deftly handles almost every aspect of keeping Wallace 360 running like a timepiece, from facilities management to invoicing to bookkeeping to scheduling to about a hundred other things. And what’s more, she makes it look easy and does it all with a smile and good-natured laugh.

Eric Parton

Digital Strategist, Full-Stack Designer

As a seasoned digital strategist and full-stack designer, Eric Parton has broad experience helping businesses from startups to Fortune 500s leverage technology and creativity to achieve groundbreaking growth and success.

A polymath in the truest sense, Eric is a rare mix of creative and analytical, with talents ranging from copywriting, traditional graphic design, and marketing strategy to the cutting edge of programming, site design, web apps, SEO, and beyond.

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