The power of deep insight: Changing the perceptions of local banking

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“There was initially some reluctance to go through this process because our executive team is led by bankers, who are very ROI-driven and focused on the bottom line, and for a project like this it’s not always immediately easy to understand the benefits of the investment. I guarantee that if you ask any of our leadership today, they would absolutely say that the process was worthwhile.”

Wallace360’s broad examination of HomeTown Bank’s internal culture positioned them with a unique foundation of clarity, vision, and focus from which to move swiftly forward and claim their space. The insight gained in our inclusive, inside-out approach allowed them to begin to operate with a shared vision, fully in sync across all branches of the company.

This shared vision served to guide all marketing and communication efforts, allowing HomeTown Bank to evolve their brand to become a true reflection of their deeply held values, achieving new levels of customer loyalty in a highly competitive market.

Strengthening a brand from the inside out

As HomeTown Bank approached their 10th anniversary, they wanted to reflect on their roots as well as set a bold course for future growth. Our 360 Deep Dive process led them through a holistic internal exploration and re-evaluation of the company’s core values to help align their brand from the inside out.

This inclusive process involved engaging and listening to employees at every level, from the boardroom to management to front line staff. The result was a revitalized company with a powerful shared vision, firing on all cylinders and working in synch to embody the mission and ideals that HomeTown Bank was founded on.

This shared vision transformed employees into ambassadors, united and empowered to make a deeper impactin the communities they serve.


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