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Reversing trends & driving growth in a down economy

Media Planning, Messaging, Print Collateral, Strategy

Results at a glance:

40% increase in qualified leads year over year

15% decrease in cost per lead year over year

Shorten sales cycle by four months

22% increase in sales year over year

Crafting an innovative marketing strategy in a challenging economy

In 2008, continuing care retirement community Brandon Oaks was facing many of the same problems as scores of other businesses:

How to stay afloat in the midst of unprecedented challenges.

Creating a marketing strategy smart enough to adapt required a skilled team dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of the forces driving the market. It also called for an exceptionally sensitive touch with communications, one that spoke to the challenges of this stage of life while addressing the emotional barriers experienced by residents, spouses, children, and families alike. 

Creating a firm foundation through tracking and measurement

Fully understanding the roots of any problem (and also recognizing the opening for new opportunities) begins with measuring and collecting data. We developed a powerful, easy to use tracking system for Brandon Oaks that enabled them to understand for the first time what programs were best generating leads and revenue.

With our tracking system in place, Brandon Oaks experienced a 15% decrease in cost perlead year over year.

Maximizing marketing dollars through strategic planning 

With a full-scale tracking system in place, we helped Brandon Oaks develop a holistic marketing strategy deeply rooted in data driven insights. Our annual strategy encompassed multimedia marketing and PR programs. Most importantly, each piece of the marketing strategy was clearly defined and tightly focused, with a specific purpose and measurable value.

Changing approaches in an economic downturn  

A down economy requires fresh thinking and new approaches to problems. By developing messaging and creative that resonated with the economic concerns of both retirees and their families, we shifted focus to the value, security, and reliability of Brandon Oaks’ CCRC program in the midst of uncertain times, positioning them in an entirely new light and breaking negative cost perceptions. 

When existing creative needed a refresh, we helped shine light on Brandon Oaks’ true value in times of uncertainty. 

Breaking down barriers by reinforcing value 

One of the primary ways we helped reposition Brandon Oaks was by focusing on their intrinsic value. Previously perceived as an expensive option available only to the wealthy, we helped reinforce the tremendous value, stability, and peace of mind that Brandon Oaks provides through targeted marketing that focused on actual costs over time, as well as comparative costs to other retirement settings and the actual costs of home ownership. This approach effectively broke through one of the main barriers to attracting new residents. 

Through understanding the marketplace and adjusting the focus of communications, we helped break through Brandon Oaks’ most significant barrier to attracting new residents to its community. 

Conversion strategy & retirement planning cycle 

Faced with lagging sales, we developed a unique conversion strategy to accelerate conversions, ensuring that every new lead would receive consistent, timely, and relevant communication. By tailoring collateral pieces to each step in the decision making process, we created more relevant dialogue that maximized every lead with every audience. 

Standardizing conversion processes and procedures for all leads led to more relevant communication and higher conversion rates overall. 

Methodical Approach. Measurable Results. Meaningful Connections.

The advanced tracking system and data-driven marketing strategy we built for Brandon Oaks successfully accomplished their most important goals, breaking through negative cost perceptions and creating a more cohesive, standardized sale process. But the most significant results are in the numbers themselves:

40% increase in qualified leads year over year

15% decrease in cost per lead year over year

Shorten sales cycle by four months

22% increase in sales year over year


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