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Recovery at the Speed of Life

In 2018, Medical Facilities of America (MFA) wanted to significantly increase the visibility of its centers across Virginia and turned to Wallace360 for a new campaign that would put their exclusive approach to rehabilitation front and center.

Having worked with MFA for many years, Wallace360 had a strong understanding of the target audience. We knew that after any major setback from a surgery, injury or illness, people ultimately just want to get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Guided by this basic human insight and a newly updated brand identity system, Wallace360 created the “Speed Of Life” advertising campaign that highlighted real patients and their recovery journeys with LifeWorks Rehab with an emphasis on the most important piece of all: getting back to the life they love.

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Wallace360 coordinated, interviewed, photographed and captured video b-roll and interview footage of real patients and staff from numerous centers across MFA’s extensive network across the state. We captured glowing reviews about the care they received, but also what the patients were able to get back to. 

Part of an extensive synchronized marketing campaign, these stories have been featured in TV ads, print publications, billboards and digital ads across the state.

By making recovery about more than just physical therapy and nursing care, we helped our content resonate with potential patients in an emotional way – often a more powerful influencer than just showcasing practical factors.

But it wasn’t just about the end goal, we also brought the rehabilitation journey to life. We created a comprehensive Recovery Map that is used by therapists and care teams to help patients understand the steps they have to take to get back home and how LifeWorks Rehab makes that possible through its exclusive approach to rehab.

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