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Rebranding Rehab

In 2017, Medical Facilities of America (MFA) partnered with Wallace360 to lead the way on rebranding their flagship rehabilitation program, LifeWorks Rehab. 

MFA operated nearly 40 centers across Virginia and North Caroline. Our goal? Bring all of them together under one cohesive brand with a clear central goal while allowing for each center’s autonomy. 

LifeWorks Rehab

Armed with a deep understanding of their distributed centers and exclusive approach to comprehensive recoveryWallace360 led a comprehensive redesign of the LifeWorks Rehab brand. This included a new central LifeWorks Rehab logo, identity system, and brand package. Each center was then rebranded under the same system, using cohesive brand rules, while maintaining their own unique identity.

At Wallace360, rebranding doesn’t just stop at design. Our team successfully coordinated the rollout of the new branding as well as updated marketing materials, coordinating with numerous stakeholders, both at MFA and each of their 40+ centers. The rollout not only included printed materials, but also television commercials and photo shoots specific to many of the individual centers, as well as an extended brand video explaining the benefits of LifeWorks Rehab.

Our synchronized marketing campaign, “Speed of Life,” showcases the versatility of the new LifeWorks Rehab identity, with updated and targeted messaging for each center, as well as extensive printed materials, print ads and television ads.  

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