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Improving Life in the Valley with RVBA

A partnership of Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Salem City and Botetourt County, Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority (RVBA) serves the public by supporting a community that is powerfully, affordably, and conveniently connected to one another and to the world.

RVBA expands and leverages its middle-mile broadband network to improve local internet service for businesses, community institutions, and residents of all income levels.

Wallace360 was tasked with better defining its identity and focusing its efforts to propel the seven-year-old authority into the next chapter of its evolution. Through this effort, the goal was to instill confidence in the RVBA’s broad mission, elevate the visual appeal of its brand by modernizing an outdated visual identity and narrative, and build a fully functional website that communicates these key messages.

Through our holistic process, our team was able to breathe new life into the brand, clearly articulate its key messages, and help define it not just as an organization laying fiber-optic cable and providing enterprise-level internet solutions, but one working tirelessly in support of making the Roanoke Valley a better place to live and do business. 

Sparking Opportunity

Wallace360 began by bringing key stakeholders together to better understand the trajectory and goals of the authority. Through a series of in-depth interviews with founders, board members, and staff, Wallace360 reached the heart of the organization and effectively aligned it around a cohesive message.

With a more future-focused brand promise and voice clearly defined, Wallace360 rebuilt the entire visual identity for RVBA, from the new logo and collateral that represents the coming together of localities and businesses, to the informative website that redefines the importance of the organization, increases its visibility in the community, and establishes it as the authority on digital connectivity in the region.

High Speed Community

At the heart of RVBA's brand is the community it serves, and the new brand ties everyone together across the Roanoke Valley. From enterprise organizations to healthcare and government to education, the imagery and messaging is tailored to RVBA's various audiences.

Leveling up: Performance & Accessibility

Bringing the visual identity together with RVBA's new strategic messaging, Wallace360 designed and developed a highly optimized new website, befitting RVBA's Future-Ready Fibers. Built on WordPress, the site is fully mobile responsive, and boasts a near-perfect Google Lighthouse score across important metrics including Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. In no time at all, the website went from being nearly invisible in relevant Google searches to ranking #1.

Along with the brand and website redesign, Wallace360 continues to serve as an important partner to the RVBA for ongoing internal and external communications efforts, strategic counsel, brand building, public relations, and business development.

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