Continuing Care Retirement Community

Case study: Reversing trends & driving growth in a down economy

Full scale annual media planning emphasizing cohesive strategy across all channels

Conversion planning | Sales cycle analysis | Targeted communication at each touchpoint

Targeted, effective messaging with purpose

HELPING A RETIREMENT COMMUNITY increase qualified leads by 40% and maximize efficiencies

In 2008, a prominent continuing care retirement community was facing the challenge of how to stay afloat in the midst of a volatile economy and highly competitive environment. Our targeted solutions included implementing a powerful tracking system and conversion strategy, developing a holistic marketing plan to maximize budgets, and creating a completely new creative strategy emphasizing value and quality. The Wallace360 data-driven process generated some highly impressive results, including a 40% increase in qualified leads, 15% decrease in cost per lead, shortened sales cycle by four months, and 22% increase in sales year over year. Now those are our kind of numbers.