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Bringing Out the Heart Behind FarmBurguesa

Since 2018, FarmBurguesa, a fast-casual burger restaurant in Roanoke, VA, has had great success and developed a steadfast following of burger lovers. But the restaurant founders and owners have a bigger vision for the future of FarmBurguesa that Wallace360 is moving them one step closer to with an ownable and distinct brand narrative.

To scale a consumer-facing business like FarmBurguesa, the brand needs to be rock solid – deeply rooted in its identity and values and more distinct than simply being about amazing-tasting burgers. Its target audiences, from customers to potential investors, need to see it as a more clear, more appealing and more distinct brand.

What Wallace360 uncovered was that throughout its first four years, much of what makes FarmBurguesa special was being left out of the story being told to customers:

  • The brand’s emphasis on farm-fresh food and sourcing its beef, vegetables and other ingredients from small local farms;
  • The founders’ Colombian heritage that quietly permeates every aspect of their business from how they season their burgers to how they mentor their employees and run their business; and
  • Their community-first approach that includes the restaurant’s role as a community gathering place and major supporter of local non-profits.

Crafting a unified narrative

To propel the brand forward, Wallace360 sought to articulate an identity that captured, unified and articulated each of these core facets of FarmBurguesa with authenticity and resonance.

Through this work, REAL LOCAL GOODNESS and the following brand manifesto were born:

We believe our local neighbors matter most.
That’s why we source our food from farmers down the road.
That’s why we partner with local non-profits for FarmBurgives.
That’s why we hire and mentor the people right around us.
And that’s why we make good burgers, because it’s really much more than just a good burger.
It’s real local goodness.

Refreshing visual branding

Wallace360 also began the process of refining and refreshing the brand’s visual identity with revised menu concepts.

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